May. 22nd, 2013

fyi i will be spending the next eight days in NYC and therefore Away from the internet. not that i haven't already been mostly Away, but now it will be for a better reason than spending literally all day every day obsessively rereading every stephen king book (except the bad ones) and only stopping to eat, occasionally.

in less imminent news, i decided that when i move to New York in July, i'm going to turn the drive up into a caving roadtrip. not actual spelunking, obviously, i am both too fat and too phobic for that, but cave-based state and national parks where they have walking tours. because it will be July and too hot to do outdoor things but caves are always nice inside! i've got Mammoth Cave and another further east in Kentucky on my list--anyone know any good caves in West Virginia, Ohio, or Pennsylvania?


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