May. 14th, 2013

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1. i am deeply concerned about these stabbing sudden-onset headaches i've been having, seriously, the LAST thing i need is a brand new chronic condition

2. i am going to see iron man 3 today! finally! i have actually managed to avoid all major spoilers, i am pretty pleased with myself about that

3. i think i'm sliding out of les mis fandom nooooo, i don't want to go, i'm not ready, PULL ME BACK

4. i don't understand how i can possibly be suffering from ssri withdrawal if i didn't have it the last four days and haven't changed my dosage in a week, and yet somehow everything is vibrating

5. ugh why are bodies why is summer why why why
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i saw iron man 3! it was great, much less offensive than the last two (although I mean, still a hot mess, but...better?), although aesthetically not as perfect as the first one, because what will ever be. you should definitely link me to any interesting meta and discussions or your reactions posts or anything that i missed in the last week and a half. or fic!


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