May. 10th, 2013

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There is a certain peculiar sensation one can get, as a fan, when you get an idea for a fic that you want SO BAD and would be SO PERFECT and you can’t even breathe for a second after you come up with it because omg what an amazing idea...and you simultaneously realize that it is far, far too niche for anyone to ever write. This is how I feel about my crossover idea where the Eighth Doctor, Fitz, and Anji wind up in Paris in 1832. No one is ever going to write that for me, and I’m certainly not going to write it, because research is hard. But it would be so good. It’s exactly the kind of hopeless terrible lovely situation they’d get into, and I dare you to tell me with a straight face that Les Miserables wouldn’t be even more brilliant as a Doctor Who new series-style historical episode, where everything is regular history but with ~*~secret~*~ aliens. Also tbqh I would watch that TARDIS team change a lightbulb.

I had this idea because I’ve reread about 16 EDAs in one week or thereabouts, because I have not been very well at all and they make the bad go away more reliably than literally anything including my actual medication, at least until I remember that I’ve spent the week rereading Doctor Who books instead of writing. So I’ve been soothing myself to sleep with various far less niche ideas for Fitz-related fic, mostly with Eleven. That involves the completely different and far superior fannish sensation of “multiple people have written this story already, and I can reread it right now.” I mean not the exact version I came up with to comfort myself, but close enough to hit the spot.


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