Mar. 22nd, 2013

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oh god, I am so DONE with choir, why can't I actually be done :( I'm part of the Cell Block Tango ensemble again, and I should note that five of us did the exact same number last year, and yet apparently everyone but me can't get their shit together, because when I had to miss our last rehearsal tonight due to rampant mystery throatsickness it seems they all fucked up, and now I'm being badgered to go to an extra two-hour rehearsal tomorrow morning. Before the show, for which I have to be at the theater from 1 to 10 pm. I am told the director is going to cut it if we don't get it together by the dress rehearsal tomorrow afternoon, and frankly if they're all this hopeless I think that would be a good idea. I mean they've had fucking WEEKS, and it's all right there in the sheet music or you can watch the movie, there is really no excuse. And I am so sick and my throat hurts and the only way I'm going to make it through this stupid concert is to push myself so I won't be able to talk on Sunday, and if it weren't for this ensemble I wouldn't even bother showing up. I just don't see how it's so fucking hard to learn the right words. They are right there on the page! I suspect they all just assumed they knew it and kept teaching themselves a wrong version and now there is no hope.


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