Feb. 21st, 2013

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Has anyone read the Kindle versions of Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies? I really, really prefer Kindle reading, but I know up until recently pretty much every official ebook was too full of typos and errors to be worth the money. Has this gotten better?
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I really need to analyze my tendency to fall for characters because they're flawed and awful and unpleasant, and then write fic about them where most of those flaws mysteriously vanish. It's so hypocritical too, because I always get annoyed at other people for writing that sort of thing and yet can't stop myself. Mostly I think it's that I can't write anything of sufficient scope for the flaws to really reveal themselves. I do get those ideas! But they generally require more than a few thousand words, and scenes with more than two characters. The last is the biggest problem, really; sometimes I can barely even manage scenes with one character. If I could figure out a way to tell stories with no characters at all, I'd write a novel.

This has been today's brief and pointless natter about my literary shortcomings, which should probably not be posted but whatever.


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