Feb. 2nd, 2013

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I made a secret Festivid! It was extra secret because I didn't even sign up for Festivids this year, on the correct assumption that my brain was not going to be in any shape to make that kind of commitment. Then, about ten days before the vids went live, I went looking around the Dear Festividder letters thinking I'd find someone who'd requested a movie I knew and whip off something quick, so I'd feel less bad about not participating this year.

I ended up vidding a series of four movies instead, so it was definitely whipped off quickly--in fact, for most of the time I was working on it, I thought the deadline was two days further away than it was, and ended up not having time for the crucial step where you put it away for 24 hours to get fresh eyes. Not surprisingly, the end result was not all I had hoped for, and this version has some small but significant improvements. So if you liked it, watch it again, it's better now! (Although if you disagree on any of the changes, I would love to hear it--I'm open to further editing, since I didn't have time/was being too secret for a beta.)

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