Jan. 27th, 2013

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I finished "Fantine"! That's actually only like reading one whole regular novel, but I'm still rather amazed I managed it. I'm taking the cheater's way out and only reading the plot-necessary bits of the Waterloo section, because dammit I want to know what HAPPENS. I'll come back for the rest when I'm done, probably.

I had a lot of very serious thoughts about Valjean's dark night of the soul (followed by his fourteen-hour road trip of the soul), but don't really feel like explaining them at length. However I am heavily invested in everybody, which at this point, not counting the dead, is Valjean and Javert. I expect to continue to love all the characters, even the awful ones. I am incapable of not loving main characters in any story, it is my curse.
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Today while reading Les Miserables, I found myself looking up and having the sudden realization that Victor Hugo wrote other things. He wrote some stuff, and then he wrote a 1900 page novel, and then he wrote other stuff. Somehow this just boggles my mind too much to cope with. Like, I can see something like Les Mis being the sum of your life's work, but just tossing it off and then moving on is beyond my comprehension. Possibly this is easier to understand for people who can write more than 500 words in a sitting without collapsing in terror.

Progress: I am now 1/3 of the way through; I've just reached the convent. Then I had to take a break to read some fic and then peruse the kinkmeme while letting out happy little sighs, not at the quality of the contents but just at fandom, you are so charmingly consistent and I do adore you.


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