Jan. 25th, 2013

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Les Mis progress: I have met a main character!! Only just barely--he hasn't even stolen the silver yet--but I really, really like him. I also really like the book. It's so nineteenth century AND so good, that is a killer combination.

Next time I post about this book, I will try to collate more than one thought together for an actual post with content. However I can promise nothing.

--ahahaha, the narrator has just informed me that there is "room for a brief parenthesis" on the subject of bread theft. And it was actually brief. Don't pander to me, Hugo! Write that eighty-page monograph on the history of bakery break-ins! I can take it!
some_stars: (kids! stay in school!)
More Les Mis tonight. 11% done, according to the Kindle! I feel like I've been reading it forever and also like I have continually just started. It really is inexpressibly delightful, though. No one told me how funny it is on purpose! I'm highlighting things left and right; today's favorite: "You would be charming were you not all askew. You have the air of a pretty face upon which someone has sat down by mistake."

Also it's made me almost cry twice with poignant social commentary. Also also and relatedly, holy crap Valjean is an amazing character. I am not accustomed to this much naturalistic psychological realism in my nineteenth century novels! But I like it.

Apparently I lied about waiting to accumulate more things for my book reaction posts. I promise to keep it to one a day, though. --wait, no, that's also a lie, I just made one this morning. Okay, no promises whatsoever, sorry.


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