Jan. 23rd, 2013

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I finally saw Les Miserables! This was my first exposure to the story, aside from general osmosis. Sadly, the movie was generally underwhelming in itself--the story made me want to read the book, and the music made me wish I was seeing the stage show. This was a particularly poignant wish because I almost did go see the touring production when it came here a couple months ago, but it would have cost too much to get even a slightly decent seat. I still would've been able to hear it, though. Ugh, it must be so great live. I have recordings I will watch promptly but they'll probably just make me sadder.

I'm considering trying to read the book, which is probably a ridiculous idea. I'm not afraid to skip ahead liberally, though. That's how I got through Tolkien. So I bet I could do it. Mainly I'm concerned about having to hold it up hour after hour, that's going to be hard on my back. (An ebook is out of the question because it makes it too hard to skim ahead and skip to wherever the interesting parts start again.)
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3% through Les Miserables (apparently) and OKAY I GET IT, this guy is the best bishop ever of all time, can I please meet a main character now?


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fifty frenchmen can't be wrong

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