Jan. 12th, 2013

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Everything is hard and wrong right now, so I watched several episodes of Happy Endings, because new and undemanding TV is how I self-medicate. (Well, that and all the actual medication.) I tried a couple other shows first but they had zero queer content and apparently that's an actual breaking point for me now? At least in new shows it is. My future entertainment prospects sure do look bright. Anyway, it turns out that Happy Endings swings wildly back and forth between "yes this for me always" and "jfc quick somebody step on it," in terms of what I personally enjoy/loathe in my media. Plus there's gay shit, and three faces I really like looking at. And the gender stuff is socially fascinating even when it's poisonous. So I will be watching more of it, although hopefully not too much more too soon because that means I'm not doing anything else, and I have two deadlines looming right now, one of which actually matters.

(I don't necessarily fully approve of how all the gay shit is playing out, but I don't really feel like getting into quibbles because it's THERE, it's not just 100% relentless heterosexuality all the time which apparently I literally can't handle any more, like my skin starts to crawl and eventually I just want to punch every character in the face. There's queer stuff and I can actually make a resolution to only watch shows and be in fandoms with queer stuff and then--with effort, and without nearly enough genre for my liking--KEEP it. Eighth grade me can't even handle the world I am living in right now.)

Meanwhile, there are bugs in my walls and I can hear them clicking around the sink. This is a non-positive development in my life.

--whoa whoa whoa, back up the train, AO3, are you seriously telling me that there is no porn about Happy Endings? It's in its third season and nobody's given me anything to look forward to? What the hell, fandom, y'all have failed me so hard today.
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Okay, I realize I just complained about this, but now I'm a third of the way through the second season and I genuinely don't understand how there can be no Happy Endings fic, or rather very little fic and no porn. so I'm going to complain again )


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