Feb. 4th, 2012

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Festivids are revealed! I made "The Frug" (Once a Thief) and "My Aviator" (The Great Mouse Detective), both available here in signed and very slightly tidied-up versions, which is apparently now a tradition for me. (Well, I tidied up "The Frug," the other has no problems quite as glaring and I was just too tired to stare at it any longer.)

I feel like both were extremely obviously me for anyone familiar with my style, though of course I don't know why anyone would be. Or familiar with my vid from last year--cartoons and happy endings, basically fluffy even when there's conflict, cutting to the words or guitar rather than the drums, relatively slow cuts with more focus on internal motion, 99.5% effects-free. These are not actually all things I like about my style, but I'm just saying, I doubt this reveal comes as a great shock to anyone.

To follow: notes and stuff!

My Aviator )

The Frug )
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Title: The Frug
Artist: Rilo Kiley
Fandom: Once a Thief
Size: 50 MB
Content notes/warnings: none that I'm aware of; questions are welcome
Summary: I cannot do the Smurf. (Made for [personal profile] fan_eunice for Festivids 2011.)

The Frug from some_stars on Vimeo.

password: ot3

Download: right-click-save

Title: My Aviator
Artist: Zoey Van Goey
Fandom: The Great Mouse Detective
Size: 40 MB
Content notes/warnings: none that I'm aware of; questions are welcome
Summary: A tale of two adventurers. (Made for [personal profile] settiai for Festivids 2011.)

My Aviator from some_stars on Vimeo.

password: basil

Download: right-click-save
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Things I should never ever be allowed to do: listen to "Come What May" from Moulin Rouge while in the first white-heat flush of new fandom love. You guys, I take that song way too seriously. I have cried while listening to it multiple times. Something about those particular notes and words and bad singing voices just anesthetizes all my irony and critical distance.

(Said new fandom is Tiger & Bunny. If you don't know it, take my word for it that this song is completely inappropriate.)


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