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Vid: Me & My 424 (Dark Angel)

Just posting this so it shows up all neat and orderly in my 'vid' tag.

Me & My 424
Fandom: Dark Angel
Music: John Vanderslice
Spoilers: whole series
Size: 57 MB
Summary: I've got parts and I've got spares, unlimited repairs.

Made as a gift for Banbury McBurg in [ profile] festivids 2010.

Download here or, if that fails, here is a privately-hosted link--right click save!

This was actually an idea I've had for ages, ever since I first watched the show, but I never got around to making it. So my Festivids assignment was like a special gift :D A lot of feedback on this one was along the lines of "I've never found Logan very interesting, but..." which I can understand, particularly as the show went on--they didn't really know what to do with him in season 2, and by all accounts the actor was not very helpful, and it all just got kind of muddled--but I was interested from the start in his deeply ambivalent relationships with technology, money, power, weapons, and most of all his own body. And, of course, Max, who is by no means separate from the long list of issues. I had severe complications considering how to deal with his issues with the wheelchair and reflect his attitudes without becoming ablist myself, and mostly stepped to the side on that one; you will notice a distinct lack of wheelchair drama. *g* In the end it wasn't really important because there are so many, many objects and people that serve as Logan's machine-friend-tool-thing. And I think it came out more streamlined and clear in the end.

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