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the jo vid! at not-very-long last!

Sweet Baby

Music: The Gossip
Fandom: Supernatural
Character(s): Jo
Spoilers: through 2x14
Size: 36 MB
Notes: thanks to [ profile] pontisbright and [ profile] minim_calibre for beta and suggestions. Comments both positive and negative are, as always, welcomed heartily.

Download: from Megaupload; streaming on Youtube.

This vid basically leapt on me and punched me in the face until I made it. There are parts that--well, *now* I can look at them, but it took literally dozens of view-throughs before I stopped having to flinch and look away at parts. It's just so--fucking gross and nasty and mean, what happened to Jo. And it hit me all at once--I got back into SPN recently and I zoomed through everything since mid-season-2 in about a week, and it's not like that show wasn't already pretty horrific about women but I could just *feel* the viciousness and visceralness of it all get steadily cranked up. And then after I watched an episode I'd be all excited and I'd go dig around in people's journals to find their old reaction posts and bask in some squee and see what kind of meta people were writing, and the reactions to 2x14...christ. I honestly don't even know what to say. Just remembering it is making me nauseous right now. And these weren't the reactions of, like, TWOP or FF.N teenie fangirls who write mary-sue fic about themselves. It was the people whose posts I'd sought out because I liked them and was interested in their take on the show and--

I mean, the basic reaction seemed to be "oh, I like Jo, finally! Now that she's stopped trying to hunt and getting in the way and oh, that look in her eyes at the end, she's grown up so much, she's less annoying and naive, and" yeah okay I have to stop. These were people I like. Still like. But the way the show fucked Jo over and sideways in that episode is never going to be as deeply painful to me as the way fandom loved it.

And then, of course, she disappeared. Because fangirls--not Us, this time, but the ones the producers know about--got her written off the show. Kripke apologized for, basically, introducing a girl. It's so incredibly blatant when rewatching--looking over my own reaction to 2x06 at the time it aired, I was sure she'd be back mid-season because it was the only thing that made storytelling sense. I was all excited over the possibilities and then she disappeared except she showed up again to be beaten up and terrorized and show she'd learned her lesson like a good girl--

There's really no conclusion I can come to here, except that the lyrics are directed at the characters, the producers, and the fans, pretty much in equal measure.

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