Oct. 28th, 2008

some_stars: (kids! stay in school!)
soooo i spent today alternately sleeping and rereading house of leaves, which. NOT A RECIPE FOR MENTAL HEALTH. i had all kinds of shit i wanted to do today and the next five days are going to be ABSOLUTELY AWFUL at work and i will not even have had my day off to fortify me. also that BOOK. i am incapable of being at all rational or comprehensible about it, i just want to sing ridiculous wordless songs about how beautiful and good it is and do interpretive dance and kiss my way up and down all the pages. it is the best at everything. every single word pays off, every note that seems askew or slant or dull, every heavy handed tactic that turns out to be only correct and light as an onion-skin and all the memories and footnotes and secret messages and choices: it is the best story.

however other than that: MEH. need to refill drugs and drop off a new prescription, need to turn in job applications for post-halloween work, need to MANY THINGS BESIDES SLEEP. meh meh meh.


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