Oct. 21st, 2008

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this was me and i am STILL CONFUSED

that dream might actually be the weirdest i've ever had. GOOD THING I RECORDED IT FOR POSTERITY.
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my current yuletide nominations:

1. Bruce Coville - My Teacher Is an Alien series
2. Dark Angel (tv)
4. Futurama
5. Hilary Mantel - A Place of Greater Safety
6. HP Lovecraft - Cthulhu Mythos

and I'm assuming someone else will nom Mythology - Greek, and I know someone else has nommed House of Leaves. these fall under the following categories:

Nobody Will Write This For Me, Ever
Coville, Mantel

I Can Write 1000 Reasonably Darn Good Words of This in Under Six Hours If Necessary
Dark Angel, FAKE, Futurama

May Be Declared Ineligible Next Week
Dark Angel, FAKE

I Cannot Possibly Write This But Someone Might Very Well Write It For Me and That Would Be Marvelous

I May or May Not Offer This Depending How Much I Hate Myself During Signups
House of Leaves

People Who Ought to Be Ashamed of Themselves
Whoever nominated Iron Man movie fandom, wtf. (I'm fairly sure that the people nominating Torchwood and SPN just completely missed the point, though.)


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fifty frenchmen can't be wrong

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