Oct. 12th, 2008


Oct. 12th, 2008 07:25 pm
hello i live! barely! i am failing at everything right now (i have to write an email to my sister in reply to something from THREE WEEKS ago D: just, for instance) but i have a thousand dollars in my bank account, which is halfway to my goal at which i can either follow the original plan and MOVE AWAY or, uh, do something else. but money! yay! also i have an almost-finished new resume so i can get post-halloween jobs. i'm definitely working through the holidays and then depending on if i can get ahold of a job that will keep me on after the xmas season....idk. stuff. and things.

on a related note! does anyone want to buy a camera? it's an Olympus Stylus 780 and it comes with everything except the manual(in English; I have the Spanish one!) and the crappy, wildly unnecessary software--it's total shit for editing, you can do better with freeware, and you don't need it to move the photos. Also I will include two memory cards of 1 GB each(one still in package). the whole thing is barely used; i've had to recharge the battery maybe five times, tops. (it runs on its own battery, the recharger is included.) oh, and also a padded carrying case that I bought originally for $10. here are the technical specs.

short version: includes camera, battery, charger, one 1GB card in-camera, one 1GB card in package, PC cable, padded case. does NOT include the manual but you can get that for free at the Olympus site.

you can check it out online to see what it's going for(minus the cards and case); i'm asking $150 for all plus shipping(should be around $5 domestically--the camera with battery and card in is about 5 oz, plus the battery charger and box). I'd need a check, *not* Paypal. I can ship outside the U.S. if you want to pay the shipping, although it's probably not worth it on your end.
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oh also if anyone wanted to take a look at this first draft of my iron man vid, i would love you and love you. :D? :D? :D?


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