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fifty frenchmen can't be wrong ([personal profile] some_stars) wrote2008-10-25 09:28 am

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i have to go to work now, which slightly sucks! if you leave me a request/prompt for:

1. a ridiculous fandom thing drawn badly in MSPaint
2. a comedy haiku about something fandom
3. an icon made out of a picture you include
4. a ficlet

then when i come home i will attempt to do these things! they are listed in order of "probability you will actually receive them".

(fandom-related = anything i've talked about in the last few years. or i could draw bad fanart for your fandom of which i know nothing! give it a shot!)

(also and probably unrelatedly (ALTHOUGH I GUESS THAT DEPENDS ON YOU) i have downloaded and almost finished reading the futurama comics so far, and i sort of wish they would stop enabling my filthy robosexuality. although i also sort of don't!)