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fifty frenchmen can't be wrong ([personal profile] some_stars) wrote2008-10-04 01:12 am

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started pulling clips for the iron man vid \o/ GOD it is such a relief to only have about 2.5 hours of source to work with. i'm still hiding from the two SPN vids which could be so totally brilliant if i wasn't terrified of the WEEKS i will have to spend in vdub. although it is interesting vidding a movie, which i've never done before. there's SO much less dead space, so many more meaningful shots packed into each scene--so much more CARE taken with the camera. so i have less to go through, but i'm clipping a proportionally VASTER percentage of it.

also there's the whole issue of BRAND NEW ASPECT RATIOS to deal with but i think we will leave that for later. :/